Aug 15, 2012

Words of Royal Ink (free flow)

The Queen of the Egyptian hieroglyphics
my words are gold ink specifics
spreading across the pages of proclamation
the ancient, present and future manifestations
 that has embedded my brain
bleeding from the soul, loving in the most high
great art thou works of the immortal mind
they transform as I say
blooming on a spring day
lingering in the rain
uplifting to empower the estranged
expressions underneath that will dare fade
I let them flow like a jeweled gown
verses… word usage hover the blue crown
may they shout freedom is here in reading crowds
rejuvenating the quench
blazing the fingers of the delicate
zooming deeper within the corridors
the tunnel that will broaden my sacred door
to the religion of poetical resound
as it whispers, patience my sweet one
for the royal pen is not done
I shall celebrate and rebirth my verbal kingdom


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