Sep 16, 2012


I almost forgot how the words felt between each heartbeat,
how my heart would skip along the creek.
Those bubbly feelings I would get on roller coaster rides
that would lose my train of thought.
I almost forgot how the ink droplets would touch my soul,
the very spot where it's warm & cold.
As my emotions would flow from the corners of my eyes,
admist the days I'd sit and ponder until purpose captured the
essence of my pen. The visuals I desired to illuminate to the world.
And poetry drew me nearer as I thought my length was to far.
It lingered in my palm. I was lured by its fragrance, astounded
by the call of the wild; my force to be reckoned with.
For this has been in me -- alive and well. And to think it almost
slipped from my dwellings. But tonight, I speak,
“never my love, my truest poetry.” “We shall be as one.”



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