Sep 17, 2012

An Autumn Smile

Autumn in your smile
The child whom butterflies in the chill.
with a warm heart, full of love to give.
Do you understand your surroundings?
As I see you drop onto a pile of leafs,
your hair is reshaped like vibrant diamonds.
It is my favorite season as well as yours.
As your sound of laughter crunch from indoors.
I snuggle with you, read you a short story.
We take long walks as the wind whispers in my ear.  
It brushes the back of my neck.
Autumn is a whimsical spirit. 
One day it’s here and the next it has been stolen to winter.
I inhale the fresh breeze.
For long you will understand seasons change and so do people.
But I ask that you keep smiling,
tho all grown up with your own family.
Remember our  special moments as time whisked us by. 
I will forever see autumn in your eyes. 


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