Sep 12, 2012

Distinction (spoken word)

My distinction has set my standards
As my round behind and wide hips stand in line
I’m first and the last Uncle Sam
And I don’t ask why
You see I may look like Ricca with  
10 babies around the corner, still I’m American
excuse me, African, no excuse me, I’m a
Black woman who is educated.  The threat you had to fix.  
Because I am the only woman in the world who can create
your opponent. The only woman who can create a black man!
You got what you wanted. Our race is dwindling due to
guinea pig diseases such as diabetes, HIV and high blood.
And people have the nerve to ask why am I under pressure.
They want to shrug my shoulders in a one room shack.
Dandruff piling high, itchy palms still empty and unfed.
They put my man on the streets with a bottle and bat.  
Gave our children a Gucci Mane and Kanye cd’s, ;
they continue to act as monkeys in public and on public tv. 
Black boy all you can be is a basketball player and marry blondie.  
Black girl all you good for is giving head or asking
“may I help you’ at McDonalds.
But we’re gonna rise when the hues of foreign waters have
changed the pyramid scheme.  We’re back where we started.
There’s hate on my nappy head and dark skin.
My distinction proves Uncle Sam wrong over and over again.
Still, a scared people gets nowhere.  I’m not calling for war.
Yet, there could be massive blood on American soil.
Especially with a  Sojourner Truth and Malcolm X mind.
I'm sick and tired. Fear and Frustration divided our rainbow.
Now these mulattos and redbones work as house Negros.
That’s the reason we can’t get along.
No one to lean on but Jesus , only if he or she is a believer.
I try to keep it positive when the negatives is thrown
around  my skin, scabbing my silver lining in the sky.
The only true home that will welcome me in.
And I don’t have to worry about my distinction.
But,  at the present,  I’m just breathing …


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