Sep 5, 2012

Made For Us

Love was made for us
Like syncing souls in a vast sea
You don’t change as the winter
fall and spring,  but maintain
the warm gentleman  I met before…
This is what gives us the power;
the strength to endure love.

As it ballads my morning breakfast,
As it rest your weariness across my breast,
As monogamous lips reveal every secret,
when we’re stroking one another’s ego
with pure pleasure- unmeasured …
Non other can compare to you and I.

Love was made for us
A love so tight it holds like midnight,
This is our outlook as we welcome love
inside and it fits right at home.
Like the passion that makes me quiver,
Like the touch that makes you shiver,
I put my trust worthiness in you.
The beauty of nature’s sweetest promise;
when there are no lies or fornicating adultery.
We’re raw and real like fresh produce off the stand.

Love was made for us
It helps keep those emotions in check
when the tide wants to turn in our eyes.
All we shall reap is a flower’s weep.
A safe combination, tucked away in one heartbeat.  
Sometimes I’m mesmerized by the beauty we’ve
built from friends to lovers, then lovers becoming 
husband and wife.  This is why we fit so perfect like
the skinny jeans on my behind.  
Even when the last drop of sun glistens, the decades
turn our hair golden gray; we will be soul mates
from the underground, until the world no longer resides.
Love was made for us.





  1. I'm going to have to show my queen that. now thats a poem, I cant quote a favourite line, it was a read from beginning to end.

  2. ty Lei my friend for the poetry love and support. x's