Sep 18, 2012

Red October

It was stolen during the day
when all was nonchalant
while I sat and carefully watched
the cool shake the trees bare

each day the ground more imprinted
with falling leafs and colorful limb designs
as Autumn twirled in my mind
softly blowing the wind in my direction

it had come to emancipate summer
from the smoldering heat
like an empress claiming her victory
a gorgeous nature longing to impress

in spite of the seasonal bliss
I crouched alone in my loneliness
grabbing a comfortable jacket, paper and pen
surely my mood would be much better by then

the time was here, it was harvest season
the reason I no longer heard
the birds and bees in the breezeway
of my doorstep

the ants had finally packed up and left
but, occasionally I would hear a chainsaw
cutting lumber; a reoccurring roar in somber
and I wondered…Would anyone notice me
like the month of October?


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