Sep 19, 2012

The Final Love

Love is to live an eternal death.
The solemn weep of lily fields in the heart of winter.
Your withered ruby red kisses that suffocate my oxygen.
Yet, a broken heart still bleeds; a closed mouth sighs to the sky.
Expectations have vanished in the midnight stream. I scream forever.
Less pain and hurt in empty cups that collect dust in my memories.
I reverence in its burial; the space where my candle was blown away.
If such a word causes the weak to be strong and the strong to become weak,
than I am a vessel ebbing in the ocean’s deepest water.
I am both the moon and sun shedding  light alone. 
So my truth lies in love’s resistance to overpower my tragic spirit.
As its seed dies within itself, added to the ground ,unearthed like a fallen star,
I shall never see a flower bloom in thine eye anymore.
Tear it down, until it builds on the sandy shores.
May it be the last song for the record.  The dance we have yet to dance.
Then you must ask,without a precious gift to hold I shall give it to you.
Love was meant for the naïve and brave in a trusting destiny.
However, fate has dealt with me in the most vulnerable betrayal.
It will eventually pry into those bleeding souls.
There shall be not a lick in a spring fountain to drink.
The harlot shall quietly take their sweet slumber.
Love will vanish in the blink of dawn, casting a shadow upon their walls.
Open up! Open your heart, you unknowing silhouettes of fire.
Soon the ashes will burn like the joker’s wicked laughter.
To see the sorrow run upon your shattered faces… 
Then and only then shall love live an eternal death.



  1. Your darker side of love and depictions is what makes it even more readable. I'm yet to understand the true meaning.

  2. thanks for reading Le, I enjoy your work as well.