Oct 1, 2012


Pen in hand,
I began to scribe.
Although, I am
slightly exhausted.

My senses seem
keen enough to

The rush within
surges through
my cerebral cortex.
I am pumped full
of Red Bull.
The ink is slowly
building momentum.
Yea, there it is.....

I am scribing, bursting
at the seams to drop
more words onto the
As I shift my position,
the pillow supports
my cramping fingers.

However, I can not stop
myself. Because of
the emerging ideas,
visions that pursue
me. I am experiencing
a cyclonic revelation of
metaphorical euphoria.

My scribe has me so
indulged that my eyes
blur from penetration.
Pushing the pen....
The ink is frisky, flirting,
sashaying across the
lines __zzzzzzzz.


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