Oct 8, 2012

Early Forgiveness

He sat by the seat of his pants
anxious as daybreak for me to motion
beckoning  him to enter the room of red
forgetting the lows like the
curtains blowing from the breeze
speechless, our tongues instantly locked
our key ring to another chapter of love
the neighbors would smell the fresh flowers
they would feel our warmth as the sun rose
I heard our hearts merge as muffled moans
time could wait, it had too
my troubles winged as he stepped further
into the peaks of erogenous tides
into the depths of my sacred haven
although, it was a chilly season
my senses felt summer
a passionate man gyrating to his own drum
my kitten nails dug deep into his muscle
sweat, tears and petals stain the floor
I could not resist the impulse to splurge anymore
this morning everyone and everything had to
be put on hold
something beautiful was going on
screeching tones, catching breaths, like wired violins
opening the gates for a higher destination
our souls mellowed as the canary
bathing in the sea of fire
mounted art picturing us amidst
the world would hear of our bliss
what we have is amazing
a solid foundation for love making


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