Oct 16, 2012

Meditative Paradise

Meditation presses my mind
Dreams align with the galaxy
Hearts floating free of negativity
Gently, sleeping in my realm
Where a harmonious journey sails
Humming hymns in Buddha’s well
Tranquility roams, yesterday is more calm
than tomorrow… As I rotate in today
Cares kiss the sky with star quality.
I’m in a spiritual gaze. A refreshing and
 sweet blaze of invitation.
Like a body soaked outside the storm,
Like broken glass returned to the norm.
Like orgasmic remnants breathing as one.
I resurface as soothing tenderness. I feel
one glow, one peace, one soul wrapped
inside a tangible world.
Still, focus brings me less hate,
Still, focus puts love in its place
Self esteem and enlightenment is vivid
Darkness fails as light is lifted
My Zion of biological healing
Solace is mine. 



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