Nov 14, 2012

7 Days To Thanksgiving

We celebrate the season of  sowing and reaping. A gathering of friends and family to replenish old fruit that stems from our roots.  Like the prarie wheat fields in Amsterdam to Timbuktu. We are thankful for the goodness. The comfort stored on our lacking days. As we cherish tender memories with a hug or a kiss from cheek to cheek. It is the moment of recognition for how we've patiently endured. Here is where dreams are shared. Laughter floats in the air as one joyful song. For joy abounds in our heart and soul. The smell of sweet custard as we feel the warmth of one another. It smiles and leaps  just happy to give and receive blessings.  The women still cook; the children continue to play. The men still tell jokes.  Within my mind I still vision hope- on this special day of the year.

By Jhpoetry 11/14/2012
All rights reserved by author

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