Nov 13, 2012

A Day's Journey

The light of a journey, I lose inside myself. Where the darkness flees and cannot breed. For the flares penetrate, turns a eye sore unto a magical sight.

The hurt has faded into old age. The robin sings out of its cage. My dues are paid. I promenade among young hearts. All is melody in the sun. Like perky violets, choo choo trains and vanilla ice cream on Saturday's. With a pep in my step, I'd greet any stranger with morning smile.

If everyday could shine like today than my spirit would be much richer. I 'd hug the globe in gladness, sharing the wealth and shedding the light. Being forever my faithful illumination. The bread I trust will sustain my hunger when every nickel has no value.

by jhpoetry 10/30/2012
all rights reserved by author


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