Nov 29, 2012

Ball Players (free flow)

Aspiration soared like the American eagle
as participants stood in droves.
People came from caves and cross country to reach for
their goal. I could feel the competition thicken in the small store.

For once a people gathered together with one thing in
common and that was to win big money.

Jealous honey buns and colas sat on the shelves while
dreamers, gamblers, risk takers were fixated on  the sale of
a slip of paper.

I saw four leaf clovers, ball room dancers behind many pupils
or maybe it was mine.
Golden smiles of hope was dropped into the pot.
The leprechaun is having some fun.  
He knows someone will be elated in a few hours and
many would be heartbroken sore losers
Every mouth was wishing the other good luck.
I thought to myself how greed can bring out such fever.
It can turn the most honest folk quickly into swindlers.

Seriously, everyone wanted to hit the Power Ball Jackpot
even at another’s loss.
The drum rolled as did the numbers.
Within the big figures, I could vision fat cows jumping over-
And me walking on a white sandy beach in the Bahamas.
And a brand new Hummer in my driveway.

But, sadly everyone can’t be a winner.
Faces drooped like the willow; a tear saturated pillows.
Millions of bulbs went out in kilos. For tomorrow was another
day of mundane work.

I have yet to mention the extremists who counted
on this wager as their last meal ticket.
The one that would save them from their own clutches of doom.

I know it’s just a game, but if I had of acquired a chunk of the
fame and fortune than this piece would not have been written.
I guess you know my financial quo as of now….


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