Nov 13, 2012

Losing Tongue

Twas it the tongue which came forth as a dragon sword. His lyrics of fire to blaze you down.
There I was led to think and drink of blasphemy. Among us a shell less covering; a rumble of smoke screen. I could not stop, although I yearned to. My tongue was driven into the deepest hue of red. As my bitterness of rage was finally fed.
And then I saw you naked . You were ashy and ove...
rly exposed. Twas it from vengeful lashes I suppose. OH! Sorry, I did say, but it was too late like an abyss in the night. Still, I killed the beast! I killed the beast with all my might.
And prayed for angels by daylight. I ask, where is the rage? Has it been contained in your heart?
To pour gasoline onto me and strike a spark___ everytime, everytime... I remember
my words.
By Jhpoetry 11/10/2012
All rights reserved by author

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