Nov 23, 2012

To My Ancestors

Dear ancestor, the shareholder of my people’s hope. If you happen to sway
or turn over in your grave may the bells ring. A cue for the great minds to
rise up in lines. For a voice to speak out from church to house.
Let the truth be told and lead our people out of the marked shadows, ditches
and valleys to a higher plateau. I apologize for your improvised oversight
because every warm blooded human understands you paid the ultimate price.
In me, you have a sister who has come to realize what being black in
America feels like. There are many goals I see in the sunrise, it sets
and I open my eyes for a deeper calling. As despair balls its fist in
a natural state of fear, but pulls from me nothing more than conscious tears.
I've discovered the keys of persistence as I stare at the one in the mirror and
she tells me of my many obstacles to overcome. I look to your strength 
and endurance as a year long rose. Your love for me is an unforgettable
accomplishment. I will never forget, even if a pessimistic hater shoots
to kill. I am a woman who strongly believes in his will.  In your honor
I’ll keep marching so another deceased slave can rest. 
Humbly, I thank you from the burrows of my chest.
My soul shall bleed when the bells ring out.
“Come my people; we must join hands .”  
The struggle has not been won. The struggle still goes on.


  1. Nice piece. Why is love for you an accomplishment?

  2. @ Cavana the question- because most people say they love unconditional but are unwilling to make the sacrafice even if it means their lives. ty for reading and do return

  3. Instant social share... What a poem, glad I read it with no distractions as I could feel every line and power of meaning behind them. peace and more poetry. bzzzz

  4. @ Le ty so much for reading and sharing this piece. x's