Dec 17, 2012

Grieve Not Alone

Now Hurt runs ramped, stampeding on the heartsick,
dragging frustration with the smack of a whip,
the pain never ceases or takes time to breathe,
less we leave if for other cares, another worry to bear,
more than our share from its brutal lair,
as the wounds solemnly open within,
may a loving Samaritan step in, lend a tender shoulder,
to be a firm boulder on shaky ground,
and the sound of harmony can bleed from every corner
of the globe, wear the white robes of snow some day.

O’ Hurt has run its course; may it be cut short,
when a people have trailed the road of grievance
to a better noon, night or evening,
may they see the rose retire,
may they feel the heart expire,
for glee shall cry out ,
a glorious movement is about to begin,
the pain relieves at the crack of dawn and,
the suffering voices are all gone,
and our cares are of but love and serenity.


Dedicated To The Lost Loved Ones Of
Families Due To Mass Shootings In America

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