Dec 13, 2012

The Guilty Wifey, By KFarrell & JHpoetry (explicit)


Hard press… they say… marriage is… like a slow death
But today… was a refreshing breath… like a car… she said…
She was tired of her sex-drive being in park
She needed some attention… a sexual spark
So she fornicated in the shadows of Odysseus
Had sex in the breath of Prometheus
Fucked in the presence of all of the mighty adulterers and sinners
She didn’t care anymore… she sucked dick on point
Everything so intense… power surged… the thrusting urged
Her orgasm was fugacious…
a powerful force that made her feel like liquid fire… so fulfilling…
Her fire was ignited a hundred times

As she melted into the fabric of the universe… the first in a long time
That overwhelming sensation stole her… for a short time
From this level of existence… and took her close
To a thousand little deaths… the orgasm took her breath
Making it hard for her to breath
But it didn’t help... that his hand was around her neck
So strong the erection... the eruption…
Shaking her core... in retrospect... the point of no return...
I couldn’t see anything… I could barely hear anything
But I felt everything… I couldn’t move… cause she was still on top of me…
Trying to finish her ride… on overdrive… Her insides... felt like she was liquid fire
And my dick... was the means to put out that fire
An inferno... I tasted her fire... a dick for hire… an accidental affair
For over a year... my tongue was buried in her pussy hair
I dic-clare with dictation… today... for a year... no masturbation… for her
Cause he… was playing and pulling on her pussy hair
Two strangers having stolen sex… don’t take it out of cortex or context...
But was it just sex? we breathing sex… thickened air…
In the room… it smells… with heavy and deep inhales
Cause of the well needed exhale… sexually… she reeked of the relief
Like ha-choos… she blesses you… rather me to the 3rd degree
As she lays next to me… somebody's... guilty wifey


I'm losing myself to the world as he welcomes me
with a long kiss goodnight, I could feel the lights go out
in my divine spirit while I strolled in the darken lust.
My pussy and boots riding off into the burning sunset
as he kidnapped my precious gift to him. And what about
my husband. He didn't enjoy the wrappings
or what shook inside of my quake but this man did.
He was all I had dreamed of for seven years today.
I imagined it was just my fantasy and nothing was
going wrong. Like a calm storm, sweat limped my bang.
We came together as the celestial heavens emerge.
Like ice cream in the summer---melting wet sex
I didn't know him. I really didn't want to know him.
It was just a taste; a flavor that I couldn't resist.
I scratched and fought so hard with every orgasm.
There we were speechless and out of breath.
I reached over to smoke a cigarette as I thought about
my husband. But the sin was committed again and again.
The sun rose in our wicked thorns. I was naked mess.
So what was next- but to go home and pretend I'm
singing a happy song when all alone I'm fiending
for another fuck. We could keep this our funky secret
between talking sheets. However, things got deep when I
became his hoe and his guilty wifey.

JHpoetry all rights reserved by authors 2012
Wordsfromourpen - Poetic Purpose 4 PoeticPeople

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  1. What the... That is intense... real, hard hitting and make your mind wonder... subject covered well. peace sister.