Jan 16, 2013

An Epiphany of Love

The epitome of love is what everyone seeks.
Some lovers will find it and wildflowers
will search for a lifetime.
In my epiphany, love was found.
It was beautiful; an amazing feeling
of unimaginable magnitude.
And when I understood this four letter
word then I to was awarded a special gift.
Love holds no slot for words, second or
third place givers. The one whom applies its
principle like a makeup artist shall benefit
from its origin. Those whom dream, breathe and
whisper love’s ambiance inhaling a sweet oxygen.
Proudly, I proclaim my most high ever felt.
I adore its existence within the confinements
of my being. Genuinely, I speak of thee.
And when our souls reach that prodigy,
a paradise we shall possess because I love you.


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