Jan 22, 2013

But, For A Season

For a season, there was hush in a day
My spirit inched in volumes of melody
O’ Love, Dear Sunshine, what have you done?
But, plucked me from the glistening dome

My treasure fringed in bedded hindsight
A sobering rainbow from the sheltered eye
A papered wish for every boy and girl
The magical resilience upon a hypnotized world

I breathed a coo of fresh mint candy
Blew a subtle kiss to the heavens
As the cold earth was warmed
I unlatched my heart to what crept inward

Only to hope the sands would forever last
That my precious efforts would not go in vain
And a clear compass should guide my journey
When the season has changed dark and lonely



  1. beautiful poem, really like the last stanza.

  2. ty Darksong for the nice comment. I truly appreciate it. x