Jan 9, 2013

Music Man (poetry in a minute)

Groove the sax that shapes the world
Musical man dance forward like La Di Da
Azure clouds in the rolling sun
We adhere, my ear crawls near
Shall I gather the notes, cradle their scent
My heaven sent musician
A ghost of blissful ecstasy – rock on
I’m caught in a charm. You are pinned up rhapsody
Baby…. Baby… my sweet love
I’ll blow in and out, exhale and teach you
all that astounds as we go round… and around
I am you… fitting – non-flinching
Like the flicker that burns tonight
Sky kisses when I miss you
Dear_ dear_ let the smooth wine flow in our
Chaste dreams-swimming, swimming…
For you float, flute in me
The music trembling under our relaxing thunder
Non- other shapes the world quite like you


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