Feb 26, 2013


When the red carpet is folded, tucked inside the heir's rightful garment,
there will come a time for a true unveiling of the original crown royal.
Like the prestigious stars that are star struck in the limelight,
our stomachs shall digest them in the pool of tainted blood lines.
For they shall be loosed like golden coins, flying by the wind,
dusted in the ocean or glimmered on its nominated day. Unlike others
who jester at the mere ideology of a loyal companionship; they judge us
as nothing more than poor men and women.  However, in our minds
we  are richer… we are richer than the average spirit could ever leap. 
Ultimately, we negotiate how to explain this pious act to the masses.
But then, decide actions should speak for themselves. For class is
insignificant without pupils. For our devoted love is well polished and
refined before the bling - bling ever occurred. And then we must listen- 
so not to fret as the gates of hell would not survive what we have 
conquered.  Our soul given character is most important. Like a porcelain 
vase holding moral fibers. We are equally yoked, never cracking at the 
boiling points.  Still, outsiders and negative forces continue to wage war. 
But, we need not beat against the air. Therefore, this process takes 
initiative when our positions become Crown Realized.

star struck by love

learning to love

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