Feb 7, 2013

Embarrassing Me (poetry in a minute)

this piece was inspired by something that
sparked me to express my feelings at the time 

Black man, you embarrass me so
pride is gone, living in dark shadows
falling prey to the pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow
where is my warrior? 
helpless, can't help us, won't help period
little punks being raised by mama's
daddies a punk too so he runs further
hating on his color, hate his color
the women that wear it
the fairer the better, but he complains
shitz not fair....
weak minds
weaker hearts that no longer love
confused, misused, and abused body parts
thrown in the lions den
for the black woman to fin for herself
you dress like her
talk like the feminine kind
breaking the bond of natural ties
braids ravish your spine
pants sag to the ground
won't come around until stamp day
and that's a maybe in this economy
you say you're just trying to make it
but I ask why didn't you fight for me,
for us and our families
pride is gone
the warrior is worn 
just leave me alone 
I have no man to call my own
just leave me alone... embarrassing me


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