Feb 22, 2013

He's Got My Back (explicit content)

That night the birds turned in early,
the crickets stopped their chirping to listen
and the fire flies thought they may crisp
from the humid atmosphere. But this was
before me and my baby got our hour
glass of fukery on. My boo, tired
from standing on his feet all day.
I kissed his blue collar red. I just had to
get mine so we skipped foreplay.
I told him to keep standing.
Tap , spank my pretty brown azz until
he fell - off, With nothing on butt my birthday
suit and black heels, my cooch does it everytime.
He begged but I refused to give in. Bring it on!
Mama yearns to shower the flower garden.
Her flame is about hit the roof and the house
is not fire proof. Stop the complaining.

A nicca was hot , hot enough to take the
rest of his energy out on sista's behind. My screams
of ecstasy were so loud , I killed the music. My hot
spot was overdue as warm cherry droplets eased
his achy muscles. They overflowed our immaculate bed.
My head faced the mirror, one leg cocked on cloud nine.
Where he could get it all. He needed to know all of me. 
I was definitely watching a freak show. As my starry orgasms
opened up to a new\universe we hadn't explored. A cooch
jumped and humped on the 8 to 9 a hundred times.
He grinded hard from behind. My moans made it worse.
He pulled my weave and said "shut up",
you wanted this dic. "oh my azz is hurting"  
stop complaining…. Tap, spank, and smacking my cheeks
from side to side. And I thought this would be a cake walk.
My babe don't play. He said you know this cooch bring
out the best in me as he fell. Hitting the pillow hard right
beside me. I asked if he could fix dinner.
His reply, "Gurl stop playing."


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