Feb 11, 2013


Soon his shirt will be pressed, nicely buttoned
with coconut fingers. Proudly, she rearranges the wrinkle free,
seals his mind with a cuddling hug. As the aroma admist the room
flutters like her sixth sense, the one that binds his brown
shoe laces. He places the brimmed black hat about his smooth head,
smiles and heads for the door. She hesitantly glances from the window.
The rain gently wets the front yard where blades of grass follicle in
the misty landscape. She feels her sprouting, her ever ready need to 
to grow in spirit and truth. 
She sits in comforting idle, weaving decorative baskets to sale at
the market. Later, her busy hands kneads the dough that he loves so much into
a lovely gourmet treat. She ponders is this what her soft yet firm structure
was designed for? Her manicured toes, brown eyes and more should
belong solely to him; his squint of sun and revealing moon.
Soon he would eat her hearty meal, enjoy the latter hours in a fulfilling mood.
As he allows her silky massage to rub out his unspoken kinks; the stresses
he would leave outside the world. She is his lady in waiting. For his forehead
kiss will be her crown. On this special day, the horizon would shine
unusually higher. And the evening dusk would shadow beautifully before
the night is born. Soon she would awaken unto her true dreams. 


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