Mar 1, 2013

Uh...Oh... Another Fetish

Let them be round: oblong, triangular, rectangular
or oval. I love them all. Shall they dangle, hang,
rock , walk a straight line and bounce like a ball.
I've seen them sway , twirl and get tangled in voluptuous curls.
You may even find the classic clip on. And there are times
when earrings can have sentimental value like a precious gift
from a loved one. Antiques are great.
A good pair could last you a lifetime. I kid you not.
Earrings are a part of my fashion statement. My SWAGGNISTA!!!

I listen to their sounds, whether gold plated, sterling silver, cloth woven,
or crafted metal. They are music for the eyes. It seems to bring out
my natural essence. And that's FABULOUS! So yes, I stop and
stare at the earrings you wear... As I look at each pair in my
euphoric mindset. My lips part in silent hysteria, "I want, I need those
EARRINGS!" They would go perfect with my favorite outfit or perfect pair
of jeans. My fetish is as crazy as a foot fiend.

Earrings! Earrings! How they shimmer in the light___
A few can give you a fright, some waving hello, others goodbye,
gentle skin being stretched by the hour. But, be careful not to out do
yourself. Remember, the earlobe is a delicate flower; a part of you like
everything else. And the same goes for the gem stud wearing
fellas who bring on the FLAVA! I'm glad we are unique and love to
enjoy creative things. Because that's what earrings are for me.
A well expressed piece of art I choose to exhibit on my body. 



  1. are those emerald? your fashion made me stop and read. nice set an poem.

  2. thanks for the compliment, those earrings are on my wish
    thanks for commenting. x's