Apr 7, 2013

A Reason To Smile

There are reasons to smile.
I recall the streaks that flashed glee onto a tired face.
And the kites which flew without gust of stretched winds.
The touch that held  kindness like a new born.
There are reasons to smile.
After your cherry lips left stained imprints along budding thighs.
We shared beautiful sighs in the breeze of a perfect storm.
And our mornings were vanilla fresh.
For no one truly cares, but us about the graceful maturing of love.
The arms that squeeze subtle juices;
The music which rekindles a sensual whisper.
This gives us something to ponder.
These moments should be cherished. For the days are sinfully short.
As we yawn in between pleasant dreams.
There should be more smiles such as these.

By Jessica Hughes©2010-2011
protected by copyright.gov


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