Apr 24, 2013

The Welder

By trade he was a welder, his burning magic,
his mending tool sculpted a more vibrant me.
Since, he bridged the gap; the lonely space in my dark galaxy.
And the blue fire flowed within our currents.
Our worlds collided like two mad scientist concocting love serums.
Love was made, a splash of sweetness dripping from full lips.
As he pulled me into his side, I had never felt more secure.
All fear and mystery subsided in the bliss of dusking hours.
He was my blanket on a chilly night.
He became the spark that reflected my crest white smile.
Everyday was a happy day since we were together.
Whatever I wanted or needed he served on a platter.
Until I found the welder pieces of me were shattered.
And the blaze we could not deny. For it was pure chemistry.
An ageless statue would envy this solidarity.
My heart knew our intent was to become a permanent union.
No man had shivered my spirit in his most chivalrous way.
No man could wedge our torch lit in faith.


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