May 22, 2013

Before I Knew...

My imagination became unclear, foe to natural habitation
a desolate place where nature detoured off the road
I side swiped an angel
in the rear view, thinking back
this poison is going to kill me, lighting wicked candles,
doing foolish things I never thought of until
my bones I could feel and not my heart ….so surreal
when you stare at it and distance yourself

but, like anger in defeat, it's returning
women should not have mind, yet our body perishes so will I
and the blame can be plopped on the eager spirit
watch it descend to the ground,
as our feet touch in different directions
when life reflection is a hard set back

coughing up pneumonia, just to impress the expression
as freedom salves upon us, 
but the big memory we hold fast
family blowing in the winds
we realize imagination is reality
the flame of terror, the mystery of shame
the beauty we have yet to obtain

we wake up dead, longing for a hand
the wheel to go on without
there is hope in the scheme of laughter and tears
I have discovered the power of self disappointment
it is shade blinding
it is too difficult a task



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