May 15, 2013

Chocolate Rain

Chocolate nipples protrude in the soft light.
She ponders her conviction.
Her magnolia highlights recline along the back of her neck.
She is smooth and velvety like a jazzy love song.
The tone of her freshly squeeze voice purifies the day. 
Surely, a true man could not denounce a beautiful black butterfly.
The wind beneath her intuition scales the walls of her womanhood.
Underneath her vanilla gown is the key to her inner most secrets.
The fear of hurt, pain and rejection shines through a flawing mirror. 
Still she leans back and caress the shakes off the top of his head.
She has become impregnated with this man's thought of life itself.
They have leaned against passion's door as it spasmodically closed.
A coco bean brews today.
It swells faster as her provocative mind has become more
invasive, intruding in a world she has yet to naked.
There is a fire sweating between her feminine cloud.
There is but one love and it is her as she pronounces in holistic standard.
The man of her life will understand the coolness of her intellect.
He will respect the breezy way she freshens his body with confidence. 
She is prepared for more than supple lust.
He sees the real commitment as he inches for her chocolate rain.
These actions they share like psychotic fire.
He has listened into her pubic patch to maneuver his lips in the moon pie.
Still, she leans her agile neck for sick whispers.
There are no questions--no answers in euphoric time.
Her thick legs are propped, welcoming a sunlit gratification.
For it is chocolate rain cleansing and healing the history of them both.
A rinse of taupe splashes the room, seizing love's engagement.
As he positively takes her in and she positively let's go of the rest.


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