May 2, 2013

Cracks At The Door

I have drawn peculiar sights
They reach inside to plow me
Uproot my hysterical nature
Between the walls of insanity
A shadow leans forward

I scurry in beams of blackness
To enlighten my disturbed illusion
But the crack is still there
Bleeding for attention
Until the morning shivers
For what is closing in

Toes anxiously wiggle at what if
To lantern unknown passages
Like frustration upon mind
Is this consistent litigation?
Of uncontrolled nonsense
Ever budding around crevices

Therefore, I sealed it shut
Side by side as tombstone cemetery
Plastering comical posters for delight
Sooner or later, small becomes bigger
You become peculiar to self
When something this way moves

jhp©2010-2011 (revised)

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