May 29, 2013

He Is Summer

I felt his arrival at the shopping center.
On the clearance rack is where I looked, finding a short sleeve cotton shirt.
It allowed my coco skin to exhale as I hopped inside a pair of denim capris.
I wore them right above the knee to show a little leg.
My slender toes glided into a pair of saddles. I remember they were an olive color.

Gosh! There were many summer love's out buying flowered sun dresses and
stunning red heels. I guess they had discovered him as well.
I took off my rose colored glasses replacing them with a pair of tinted shades.
Today was our day even if I'd have to share his sultry heat.
My mouth puckered as I applied a shimmering lip balm, smoothing the baby
hairs around my forehead. I wanted to look like the pecan ice cream
dripping from my scrumptious bottom lip.

He was too hot; I thought I might faint as continued to seduce me in a
sizzling serenade.
As the day went by, we began to wane like sweaty palms in the setting sun.
Still, I had to ask him how much longer would he stay?
My ears stood to hear __ tomorrow and the next day and the next one___
After a cool shower, my arms had goose bumps from his absence.
My sweltering demeanor was taking over by the chill of an ocean breeze.
I knew he had to share his charm. Tomorrow I would wait for sun's return.
He is my favorite time of the year. He is summer.