May 8, 2013


The sound of the toaster;
the steam of the chamomile tea hits my nostrils.
The smell was familiar as the back of my hand.
I turn on the big screen, hearing the news I've heard before.
With a slight quiver in my voice, I tell him I'm going take a shower.
He responds "ok" and shortly follows suit.
And soon we began our scavenger hunt before bedtime. 
Like a super surprise is going to jump out of the dresser drawer 
at any given moment.


"Do I have everything"? He ask,
"I think so", my face frozen in a blank stare.
I pick up my mahogany folder; he grabs his tool box.
Opening the blinds, only the sunshine will enjoy
this gorgeous  day. Off we go___
However, before we head for the door,
there is our infamous kiss on the jaw.
I'm driving north; he drives south of the border.
Is this how it ends or begins?  A chunk of both I assume.
(gulping the last bit of cheese toast)
I turn on the radio listening to the same song I'd heard
a few minutes ago.  That's unusual, but not really… 
I'll hear it again this evening.

As I'm driving a strong feeling grabs hold of me.
This feeling I've tried to shake for a few months.
It's like a stamp on my forehead. This is you. This is your life.
I think to myself, change comes in seasons, yet things
remain the same in some shape, form or fashion.
And I wondered did he feel the same as well?
I did know that we were both losing a little bit us each second.

(honey I'm home)

The chill from the door almost thawed the microwavable
beef stew I had purchased from the grocer. 
It was a sweet welcome home.
I washed my hands and popped the tray in the oven.
He walks in and picks up the newspaper.
I ask, "how was your day?"
He responds, "Oh, nothing out of the ordinary."
I sigh...I sigh...


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