May 14, 2013

What He Left Behind

He came across with an arrogant nature,
telling her to look for love under pine cones.
But, honestly she sensed he was looking for Venus,
his true Sex Goddess of Fire.
She could tell by the position he took ,
like hold that shot right there because
later it will flee your starry eyes.
Still, her heart was itching, soul burning for a companion.
She was widowed to fiend for herself on the rugged roads.
She dances around his man hole but, unable to fill the void.
So she decides to compose herself in symphony,
fly away like a bright angel destine for greatness.
And then, like a kid he politely raises his finger,
he becomes stimulated as she turns her back to him.
He opens his bag of tricks and takes her to a secluded
motel where no one could see them.

Between the car ride of uncut grass and brick buildings, 
the world was promised and good things to come. 
She was anxious to bear his fruit.  
She could be a wife once more.
He could give her the life she always yearned for.
She thought it was best not to burn.
As her panties began to river and her bosom rose like
mountains, she noticed his closing eyes in their intimate moment.
He rode her hard like an invisible ghost without feeling.
Her vision of a romantic encounter was laid to rest.
Afterwards, she felt less than a cheap hooker.
Her womb was left barren by the devil himself.
To steal innocence so sweet was her mistake.
Today, she's tough like the pine cones.
She's exhausted from dead dreams.
Even a true king couldn't break the curse this man left behind. 
For she is ugly from all sides.
No man dare approach her conclusions.


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