Jun 16, 2013

A Silent Judge

I am justice bottled within
a tainted flower in full bloom
as bright as an infinite end 
for it cast it's shadow to soon
                          causing strife in every cocoon
                   closer to me--it is growing

I singe through light statistics
where deeper melanin hides my face
from the yellow stars-so livid
beyond the cross burning of grace
                little beast becoming vivid
                  to each tiny part we replace
Equality lies in a jar
to the cold hearted young or gray
as long as it is served from afar
between the everglades of dismay
                           the truth sacred, before the say
                                     meanwhile, we learn fault at the bar
Still, a child's eye is sweet and fair
a crop circle of daffodils
we are dust by the brunt of bare
our voice has given up the will
                          at the moon the coyote swears
                  for the masses a silent kill


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