Jun 26, 2013

I'll Take More Love

Take care of love,
cuddle with it,
coo its lullaby,
trace it in the sky,
among the tender night air.
Be love. Give it as a treasure,
the antique of  golden age.
Be brave as the tales, fables
and knights you speak of.
Bury it within your soul
so it will be available 24/7.
And the portrait you portray
will be more beautiful than ever
when it is shown with love.
Whisper it to your spouse, causing
your intimacy to prosper
as lovely as a rose. Love makes us
better people; the world exist longer.
It is free, yet so worthy,
and what puts it at the top is that
it goes non stop.
Make it desirable as chocolate sweets.
Dream its dream and live it fully.
Do it for you, do it for me.
But, most importantly do it for thee.
Set the example in the light of the sun.
Always remember God is love. 


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