Jun 24, 2013

In My Suffering (free flow)

In the heart of the storm, destruction surrounds my deprived body.
When the third eye sees my fear, it is bigger than life itself.
I curl into a ball to cope as the screams and noise is unbearable,
my pain that ravishes within and burst into miserable silence.
People seem not to understand because it's not their dilemma.
They look from the outside wondering why I can't rise above it all.
And so do I, pondering will it ever end,
this hurling gust of winds threatening my every move.

Will nature self destruct and leave us be?
You see , there are others going through some things.
Like robots on an assembly line we have yet to gain
control of our bodies and minds. But did we ever have that power?
It feels awful to be powerless , not to be able to be save yourself,
Every day more prayers seem effortless when gone unanswered.
They are out there for whom it was meant for, I assume it's possible
for an answer to boomerang back to me.

That's why my spirit holds on to the those thoughts of love, empathy
and compassion waiting to gently touch me.
I long to listen to the talk of how I was truly missed.
This I can't escape, it gives me strength little by little, and so I try and be
strong for them, because they can feel the suffering in my eyes.
It's hard so very hard not to be able to bond like I have so many times before.
For everything is unsure and I don't know what to do or say
on this particular day.


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