Jun 24, 2013

Reminisce of a Gangsta (explicit material)

I thought I had lost that ripple effect until he woke the
ridges in my G spot.I had never been the one for
Gangsta love. But it was something about me and this
brotha that kept us cumin time after time. As my lashes
flickered like candles in the light, my soft moans
resonated throughout his place. His theory on dictology
kept a sista breathless. It was a place where many women
desired to go but couldn't reach because of their strong
weakness  for sexual repression.********************
I reminiscence on those nights I refused to allow his
effect to ripple my fire water. But, that night I wasn't
going to hold his manly hands at arms length. I needed
his help and unashamed I gave him my inconceivable
pleasure. And our fuc fantasy began as I shivered
in my rain. I screamed with joy, losing control of
my proper pussie manners. We rocked the bed like
violent sea waves. He hit the bottom and we found
ourselves hanging on the side of his thick mattress.
My lavender silk thongs were thrown in the corner
along with a C cup bra and sheet that reeked of sweaty
cologne. I was turned on even more. This was what
we both had been yearning for in our lonely bedtime
stories. *************************************
For a second I felt a little guilty in this right moment.
If someone found out about the freak in me… What if he
had a video camera in his man cave? Nah , he wouldn't
do that to me would he? After all he was a thug,
however he promised to keep our thang personal.
Shitz I didn't care right now… I screamed even louder;
I wanted the neighbors to hear him doing me good.
With every wiggle and squirm he penetrated my
tomato cherries like it would be his last treat. He took my
scratches without complaint. I tried to stop but I couldn't
help myself. I watched the sweat roll off his face.
He stared at me in amazement.  He fuked me like a slave
in 90 degree weather. I adored it, I must admit. *******

We were more than two dogs in heat. And to top it off with
whip cream, I gave him a deeper feeling inside the canal of
my raspberry tongue. He was hung still I took it all.  His
throbbing muscle ached in ecstasy as he spewed his babies on
top of  my belly button ring. I licked every drop until it was gone.
Wait! He quickly whispered parting that tiny piece of fatback
between my luscious thighs. He began sopping my pussie as if
it was blackberry molasses at Sunday morning breakfast. I felt
the water welling up in my tear ducts, squirting like a faucet in
his mouth, the tears ran swollen beside his face. We were cheek
to cheek as he held me in the aftermath of his orgasmic spasm.
And so I wrapped my pretty brown legs around his waist.
To assure him that anytime and any place I'll be around. *****
THE END******************************************


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