Jul 8, 2013

A Haunting Fled



The haunting is over, vanished into a mist
locked in closets, skeletons that chatter of cold
secrets winded in ectopic blows- fractured and alone

to rue the day, the unveiling was born- freedom was made absolute
an undisturbed expanse that birthed a ceaseless root

days are enduring, pining as youthful lust
every spot fades -like darkness unto dusk
as the tranquil mind scuffs

the ocean seagulls, singing pass vultures
perfumes an eternal sight, spoken lips murmurs a mother's lullaby

I am themed in starry bliss of night's cleverness
my scaring of devilment flee unto hazy fields
fueled by demonic appeal- undaunted rage to conceal

snapped like the forest twig, left for facial brush
like fire ashes afar

it weeps ever more-
the waddling- of a bigger swine

crawling back underground, from whence it was found
where it haunts-what it carries
there it is buried and suffers ten score


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