Jul 24, 2013

As We Fade

As my voice fades like night fall,
do not boast to the sun gods.
For I have seen the white clouds
with honey combs across my eyes.
On an average day, like the normal me
am I a part of your memory?
An error you cannot escape,
O' remorse is a cold night ache,
a toe tag on a crescent sky.
But, I promised us there would be no lies
and hunger for woe.
Yet, this dry accord is what I know
as it twist and tugs at our harp strings.
We cannot be saved from our brutal scene
when our spots are known; our fantasy has
blown inside vanishing autumn.
Well then, shall we bind our pieces and
discard them like glass upon vacant ground.
I am very much fine...
Do not attempt to comfort me.
It is but the amnesia settling into space.
The hollow drip in my ear telling me
I loved, I loved!


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