Jul 11, 2013

Innkeeper of Hearts (exercising)

What a host you can be
a settling space for my heart to lie
as my pearly flower skies
creating seeds to snow

how marvelous is your undertaking  
awakening lazy days in delight
still, you give me time,
time is in my hand as well as yours

open the door, keeper of paradise,
the moonshine of my mood
I run to you in the daylight scrutiny
tenderly, you take good care of me

o' my clumsy piece of heart
you have zealously sought
like the wine we do share
like our promises to forever care

here, I feel the pressure
the key turning our lock
as I sit like a puppet in your arms
this is how we belong

for I am the piano note,
the chosen path-
I desire to stitch it in your hand
so we should not lose ourselves

until the barricade is gone
we bellow in the swing of love
prisoners in our kingdom
gazing under our lucky stars
singing behind a blanketed door
innkeeper of my heart 


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