Aug 8, 2013

Beer Please (freestyle)

The taste of a smooth beer
on it as a child I was reared
it did not hurt me one bit
my mom would give me a sip
and at the time I only felt sleepy
sometimes I would act a little goofy
today, beer is my best friend
after a cold one, I commit no sins
instead, I'm just chilling…
I like to kick up my heels and 
enjoy the feeling
I'd pop another can, hear the fizz...
this does not make me an alcoholic
I'd gulp the next can down faster
oops! I think I called the television
a blippin _astard.
well, I'm here by myself so who really cares
wow, this third can has me floating on air
my time alone with myself
I, the beer, and no one else
this could be the closest 
I come to paradise~`


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