Aug 12, 2013

Bits of Bananas

Bits of us are coming apart, I watch the banana peel off our tired faces. 

The wear of life's beatings are traced in and out of our psyche.

Maybe we should have saved some of this or used more of that

I think to myself. We have been without far too long.

There is a banana chip on the table which can be eaten with teeth.

Reach for the dentures and leave the salt behind.

If careful, I believe we can snack and find a tranquil slope.

Maybe give sufficient contentment to our digestive systems.

It's been hard--- not easy I have seen.

But, my dreams sustain themselves somewhere within.

And your wishes will be granted in an unknown freedom.

We are the decision makers Mother! Forget the X and Why chromosomes. 

Genes don't matter anymore, not even the ones you despised when I were a teen.

Yet, I wore them so tastefully. Don't let it rot you to the core. 

You always taught me to have a little faith; he will do just what he promised.


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