Aug 16, 2013

Blue Eyes

One last time crossed her mind.
Her dreams of reconciling had come full circle.
They had managed to overcome many obstacles.
And the tough hurdles that kept them apart.
Many nights she laid alone in the dark.
Is he by himself or cuddled in another's arms?
They had come full circle.
However, this was not the day to celebrate.
You see a problem had just occurred;
a problem that had her mind disturbed.
This man out of the blue offered her a gift she
could not refuse.
The blue-eyed voodoo.
Spontaneously, he kissed her on the neck
and said "I will take care of it."
This is not the man she belonged to but the
bills were overdue.
Isn't it funny how life has its way of working itself out?
Blue eyes made known his desires, intentions, and
what he was all about.
One last time crossed her mind.
Why did he have to come around?
She looked to the sky, lowering her head to the ground.

jhp ©2009-2010

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