Aug 28, 2013

Great Stature

In the green garden our love lingers as we lie between the lilies and camphire.  
In our pure essence, we touch our soft skin to feel if it is authentic.
The milky rivers flow as a taste of honey we savor.
My Man of Great Stature...
We walk the streets of gold and lean the pillars of silver.
Once we were slaves, but now we are rulers of what belongs to us.  
As we dine the most precious of fruits; the vegetables seasoned in spices
to nourish our healthy bodies. No sickness enters this life, but only strength. 
Our servants wish to feed us grapes, yet we delight in each other. 
The doves are happy and dance around our tree.  
And a ravishing joy overcomes our spirits. 
When the night falls; the starry sky leads us from our place into sacredness. 
And there we make love. Our chambers filled with aromatic incense which
burn until daybreak. Finally, we are at peace. 
You shall be called my Man of Great Stature. 
My song of sweet for the rest of our days.

jhp ©2011-2012

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