Aug 19, 2013

Sun Fire

This is home: to walk into a thousand suns.
I am content. When the city smog a gloom
into the sky in you a find a thousand moons.
Day by night may I fly with wings in your silence.
As we travel the universe in every sweet breath.
This is home: a cool lust to swim. I shall be a swan.
For you are the tranquil waters of earth's end.
Awake me in your eyes; the footprints of
roses I shall sit upon. Then joy shall be mine.
This is home: to slumber on a hill and smell the
traces of your scent. The minute I saw you
then time stood on top of the world.
Do shake me until I shiver.
Bring me back to life.
And clay this smile upon my gaze.
Home is here. I walk into a thousand suns.

jhp ©2013

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