Aug 21, 2013

The Look

Those eyes were a look of austere.
A red flag was detected at a
pivotal point.
They pivoted , intruding my
inner core, scraping the seal, and 
putting up barriers.
Inside I died, but those eyes will be
just what they are...
Even so, I gently smiled returning the favor.
However, my conscious slighted the wise
voice that spoke of deception.
The mirror cried in front of me.
It spoke love untruths, and of the
devious intermissions.
As nature would have it, a spiteful
austere zoomed my mind.
Malice, I did conceive.
And although I smiled and the favor
was returned; the pivotal point comes
when my smile is turned upside down.
My eyes stare back at you.

jhp ©2009-2010

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