Sep 11, 2013

Darkest Hour

This morning he broke all my fears.
My valleys rose like hills;
an egg sunny side up for the light
was lifted up through him.
I dance around because I'm no
longer bound by the shackles
and chains. Past sins have been
washed away by his blood so true.

I saw the light in my darkest hour.

This morning he heard my cry.
There was a sigh of a tired woman
as the wind song my prayers.
And time unveiled his powerful blessings.
I listen carefully to each one.
My troubles float along the streams.
As my salve became crystal clean.
The stamina of my mind clothed in
sheer deliverance.

I saw the light during my darkest hour.

The daylight came during my night.
For he so loved me.
For he so cared for me.
He sheltered me from my lethal enemies.

And when I couldn't go on,
And when I stumbled and fell,
And when I sinned against his will,
He forgave me because he is Lord.
He brought me through my darkest hour.

jhp ©2010-2011

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