Sep 4, 2013

Nobody's Woman (spilling emotions)

*Ladies I was talking to myself one evening. And I figured
out the meaning of LOVE don't LOVE nobody*

I'm a full grown woman. Why can't I find a half grown man?
I'm just kiddin, I'm not settling and that's the case at hand.
Dating has become such a task, a chore , I must be a bore.
Coz I don't twerk it like she do, work the kinda job his last
GURL did. I just can't deal with it. You see
I've gotten so fed up, hate won't fill me up. Ya feel me…
I don't wanna go there. Lawd knows I don't. But something
is wrong. It's not all about me. I'm the last and the least.
Still I'm gonna demand my respect it's the queen in me.
Nah, I put up wit a lot of things but a lying , trifling, non
azz wiping man ain't one of them. These lips-of-mind
can be stubborn and mischievous. So rough Carmex can't soften
them up. Ladies, it just seems unfair the way men look at
my housing, clothing like I'm a hood rat   Like they
are so up to par, as they roll around driving rental cars, living
at home wit mama and work temp jobs. Still, I'm good at
the bar. Oh yeah, I look good enuff to give a head applause.
Until I put em on blast, smash those yea sweetie grins real fast
like a bad car accident. And then I'm a crazee azz bytch!
Than so be it. Im love sick yall and it's terminal. I've fought
a good, long, hard, fight. I just can't seem to find a man that's
right for meeee. I'm not chasing_____  hold on. It's
the fact that every man  I meet wants to be out of his league.
He's either above or below me. Or out of his rabbit azz mind!!!
There comes a time when you wait for some things too long.
You know what… guess what. Love can kiss my black behind.
I'm not lying yall. I'm sooo done wit the online, offline, hotlines
and chat lines. These blurred lines have ran from my page.
As Robin Thicke would say, in a different way.  I guess…
I'd rather be my own fool than to ever think, love and I could be

cool like that… That my life could be possible like that...


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