Oct 7, 2013

Chameleons Dream of Northern Heights (free flow)

The chameleon can change its color from orange, pink, blue, red,
green and yellow. It has compromised itself for a false protection.
Soon it will be eaten so forget the laws of affection.
You can see one sitting on the Northern Star and some cascading in high rises. 
I've been there, as matter of fact I'm sitting here watching the green one filled
with woe and envy. The one whose family is needy and all cried out.
Because the pink one is going to wrong a right. And the red one is hungry
like the wolf,  it's game for a gun fight. We all wear different stripes at some
point and time. A plan for greater heights that's already been sabotaged.  
It will have security thinking it's the Taliban's deed on an unusual day,
until our minds are destroyed from historical prey.
Then we can eat the holiday cake because it's a temporary healing
without the fixings, feelings and trimmings.
Remember, there are few spaces and more souls in prison.
The yellow one smiles as it makes a deal with the beastly god.
It's a shame how dignity can be swallowed by a foolish heart.
It will part the black sea and dive in. This is its means to an end of
pain and suffering. But the world spins on a wicked rolodex and you never
know if your number is next unless you can't answer. Blue Chameleons 
on standby because they've been shut out of the White House. The family arch 
is torn down and everything is at stake.  It peaks at the heavens for the wheat and 
still self defecate. I can hear the spiritual listeners from one hut to another. Yet it 
will turn its back on a brother. The misguided and self taught Chameleon demise. 
The orange one gaze at its Height, it hadn't got far to jump.  The orange one is a 
nightmarish whisper of funk, ready for smoking mirrors in the system. If you 
missed  them than consider yourself blessed. It could careless about itself. 
A thousand numbers tattooed across its chest. The media hypes the Northern 
Heights and kiss their lucky stars, thanking God it's only 10 million of them  
to 10 billion of us on this earth. They tell the dumbfounded Chameleon to continue 
changing its colors and climb the invisible trees for a fresh start in the sky.  

jhp ©2012-2013

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