Oct 21, 2013

Dead Humor

School was once a place for learning
a stinky bathroom for girls to show
off the latest fashion and write her
boy's name on the bathroom walls

it was where boys were just boys
playing basketball in the gym,
whispering in a friend's ear about
the hottest cheerleader or beauty queen

but somewhere along the hallways
lockers couldn't contain the pain that
existed in a troubled student's heart
the one who didn't fit the part

so he decides it was time to take charge
putting revenge in his hand, forgetting the
morals, principals and teachings and God's plan
as he reach for the gun in his father's cabinet

he conceals his weapon like the years
of bullying, and when he's had enough
he proves to world whose the toughest
kid around, no one will make a sound

not even him as he fires the last round
officers down, parents crying, blood surrounding
the school ground areas, the place where
friends, flirting and fun joking was harmless

still, hunters lobby for more guns and bullets
and every other month there is another school
shooting, each one is more violent and bold than
the last, there is a problem with American children 
the problem is far greater than school bullying

"if a man lives by the sword, he dies by the sword"

jhp ©2012-2013

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